Upward Spiral

Upward Spiral creates movement frameworks for you to explore the practical magic of being alive in your body.
You will learn methods for creating a good working relationship with your body and techniques for staying connected to your physical self.


All classes and lessons involve mindfully moving your body through alignment, release of detrimental muscle tension, whole body awareness and intelligent fitness.
Strengthening, releasing, educating, listening to your body; You’ll finish feeling fit, relaxed and ready to take on life’s tasks.


“Your body will be with you for the rest of your life. There, quite literally, is no separation. I sometimes see myself as a “marriage counselor” for your mind and your body, helping you to negotiate your relationship, to understand each other, to remember how much you love and need each other and to move forward as one. “

Because of my unique background as a mover, educator and artist.

  • I have a wealth of information and experience with the human body in motion; what is healthy movement, how the body moves, what physical practices are best and why.
  • I have a wealth of information and experience with how the human brain learns and how to make things interesting and fun.
  • I have a wealth of creative strategies and experience to make it work for you.

Julia Aplin B.A., B.Ed, Certified Mitzvah Teacher, Pilates teacher, professional dancer and movement teacher. Since 1985, Julia has taught movement in many contexts including private studios, private practices, universities, public and private schools and colleges.